Of course, it’s good to be prepared with the essentials. But ultimately, festivals are about having fun. Here’s a list of festival accessories you might like to have on hand purely for the joy of them.

Kandi-making kits: Trading beaded bracelets is a hallmark of electronic music, but thanks to the Taylor Swift Eras tour, more music genres are joining in. Any beads will work, but I highly recommend Stretch Magic elastic ($20)—the cheap stuff falls apart way too easily.

Flow props: There are tons of toys that some dancers like to use. I’m partial to the Fiberflies Pixel Whip ($85), but the Flowtoys PodPoi ($135) are another popular choice. You can even get levitating wands and light-up staffs. These are super fun to dance with (and they’ll entertain your fellow attendees).

An instant camera: Most of us have a perfectly capable camera in our pockets. But I like bringing my Instax along when attending festivals. You’ll get physical, tangible memories, and they can also be fun to photograph strangers (with their permission).

Little gifts: Tiny ducks. Sprouts for your hair. Squishy animals. Festivals often have a culture of gift-giving. It’s not expected, but it can be nice to have something to pass out to the folks you meet. Consider bringing some trinkets with you—you might even make a new friend or seven.

A night-light: If you’re at a camping fest, moving around in the dark can be treacherous. And sometimes you just want to grab a snack from the cooler without shining a flashlight around. I like this nightlight because it provides a gentle glow—enough to see with but not so bright that I wake up everyone in the vicinity.

A camping towel: Sometimes it rains outside. Sometimes you accidentally spill an entire Beatbox in your tent. Whatever the case may be, a camping towel is handy. They’re super absorbent, and they dry quickly.

Fun clothes: When it comes to festival clothing, you can be as bold or as practical as you’d like. Don’t sacrifice comfort in the name of fashion! But if you’re looking for fun clothes to wear, I recommend checking out IHeartRaves and Rave Wonderland. These are EDM-adjacent, but they’ll work for everything from Bonnaroo to Burning Man to EDC. Your favorite artists’ merch is probably a good starting point, too. And when in doubt, you can always accessorize—consider a bucket hat or a Pashmina-style shawl to make your outfit a little more adventurous.

A bandana: We have a lot of feelings about the importance of a small multipurpose cloth. Music festivals are often dusty and dirty. A bandana works as a face covering, a sweat absorber, a quick place to sit, and an easy way to wipe up spilled drinks. Stash a few in your bag and you’ll be better prepared.

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