95% of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) deem AI critical for business in 2024.
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95% of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) deem AI critical for business in 2024, while 45% in India admit to recruitment challenges for AI-related positions.

69% of CIOs across Asia Pacific further prefer AI work loads in non-public cloud environments as a shift is noticed in CIO priorities from last year with AI topping the list, a study commissioned by Lenovi and conducted by IDC found.

Across the Asia Pacific, revenue and profit growth have shifted from the top priority in 2023 to the third position while customer experience and satisfaction surged to the second most important priority.

A 45% YoY increase is expected in spending on AI in 2024 is also predicted when compared to 2023, across the Asia Pacific. Of this investment CIOs in India said that investment and planning accounts for a bulk of the expenditure, about 93% with business intelligence and conversational AI being the top two areas of interest.

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However, problems in recruitment are expected to persist, with employee skill development and end-to-end network security are viewed as the top two prep tools for GenAI.

In India, AI has significantly influenced top technologies including Cybersecurity and Threat Detection, Intelligent Automation and Robotics, and Automation for enhanced efficiency, the study found. Further, CIOs across India (28%) and Korea (33%) lead in GenAI investments in AP, followed by ASEAN+ (11%), ANZ (2%), and Japan (2%).

Furthermore, the survey revealed that AP companies will adopt a balanced approach to AI workload deployment. On average, 31% of AI workloads will be deployed on the public cloud, 28% on the private cloud, and an additional 28% on hybrid cloud solutions.

At the same time 84% of CIOs in India are already using AI to enhance their security framework with 14% planning to invest, the study found.

“The AI Playbook echoes what we have been hearing from the customers. CIOs in India are most confident about AI, with 95% expressing certainty that it will create a competitive advantage, and 57% of them consider it to be a game changer for their organizations”, Amit Luthra, MD – India, Lenovo ISG, said.

The study is based on a survey of over 900 CIOs, including more than 150 in India.

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