Hey everyone, today we’re saying a very fond farewell to Aoife Wilson, Eurogamer’s veteran Head of Video, as she heads on to an exciting new role outside the Gamer Network family after nearly a decade with us.

Aoife deserves an enormous thank you for all the years of hard work she’s put into Eurogamer’s video output, where she’s grown a brilliant community of viewers alongside Ian and Zoe, and for her contributions right here on the site.

When she joined Eurogamer, back in 2014, I remember being immediately impressed by her talent, experience, and encyclopedic knowledge of Marvel comics and Japanese RPGs. Though one of my fondest memories is the year we spent recording the occaisonal Arcadia Baes podcast series – discussing and theorising about each episode of Life is Strange as it released.

In the many years since, Aoife has continued to make her mark across the site and YouTube, interviewing Neil Druckmann on the leaks and response to The Last of Us Part 2, recording countless episodes of the Breakquest Club and Late To The Party, livestreaming Lethal Company and tons of Final Fantasy, and spending time meeting thousands of readers and viewers at shows such as MCM and EGX. Oh, and, yes there was that time she met Jeff Goldblum.

Please join me in thanking Aoife, and wishing her the very best.

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