FILE PHOTO: Adobe said it is working on a generative AI video feature for its Firefly suite that will bring new apps to Premiere Pro. 
| Photo Credit: Reuters.

Adobe on Monday announced it is working on a generative AI video feature for its Firefly suite that will bring new apps to its Premiere Pro video editing platform. The new additions will also have third-party integrations with OpenAI’s Sora models and other AI video generating companies like Pika Labs and Runway, which will allow Premiere Pro users to generate video and add or edit objects using text prompts and even lengthen video clips.

The company hasn’t set a release date for these tools, but just said that the features will rolled out “this year.” There’s also no certainty whether Premiere Pro will integrate other AI models into them. In a video preview shown, Adobe has called these third-party deals an “early exploration” of what it could be like “in the future.” 

In a statement released, Adobe has also said that it will introduce Content Credentials, which is the metadata to identify AI-generated media to Premiere Pro, to tackle the dangers of deepfakes. Adobe was already using Content Credentials in Photoshop and a section of Adobe Firefly tools. Now, they will not only state which content was AI-generated but also which AI model was used to generate it. 

Bloomberg report last week said Adobe was paying photographers and artists on its stock media platform, Adobe Stock, up to $120 for giving short video clips to train its video generation model. The pay ranges between $2.62 per minute of a video to around $7.62 per minute based on the submission, and increases if the footage is high-quality. 

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The editing software giant has also launched a new AI-powered assistant called Acrobat AI, for users to summarise and search through documentation. The tool will be available on desktop, web and mobile versions of the app at an add-on subscription cost starting at $4.99 per month. 

The assistant has been integrated into Reader and Acrobat workflows to help users “get insights and format and share content from all kinds of digital documents – quickly and easily.” The chatbot will also work with other document formats like Word, PowerPoint and can also transcribe meetings. 

Adobe is also launching a free mobile version of the tool in beta that will respond to voice commands, as a part of the release, and is bringing this app to extensions on your Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers. 

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