Prime Day is one the best days of the year to score huge discounts and make the most of your Amazon Prime membership. The annual summer sale discounts thousands of items, with lightning deals each hour that you won’t want to miss. It’s one of the biggest sales events outside of Black Friday deals, with many companies even outside of Amazon offering exclusive discounts you’ll only find on Prime Day.

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The giant sale is exclusive to Amazon, so you won’t need to comb through a ton of retailers to find the best deals. However, some retailers like Best Buy offer competing sales around the same time as Prime Day. Below, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about Prime Day 2024. Whether you’re searching for deal categories or competing sales, we’ve got you covered.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2024?

The actual date of Prime Day 2024 has not yet been revealed, but based on previous years, we expect Prime Day 2024 to fall sometime during the second week of July. The two-day event was held from Tuesday, July 11 to Wednesday, July 12 last year, so it’s possible that Prime Day 2024 will take place from July 9 – 10. This would follow the last three years, so it’s unlikely that Amazon will hold the event on a different day of the week.

What About Prime Day 2?

Amazon Prime Day 2 is also held later in the year before Black Friday. This second big deals event started in 2022 and was continued last year in 2023. This year, we expect to see Prime Day 2 once again, most likely in October. Like July’s Prime Day, this one will also likely take place during the second week of the month.

What Prime Day Deals to Expect This Year?

There’s no shortage of deals on Amazon Prime Day, as new products will be discounted each hour. Prime Day 2024 will offer some of the best deals you can find on TVs, kitchen appliances, Apple products, vacuums, and more. We’ve based our categories off of previous Prime Day sales, so expect these to be in line with 2024’s event.


Last year, Amazon discounted multiple quality OLED TVs for Prime Day. We expect to see similar deals this year, alongside great deals for anyone looking for a new gaming TV. You can expect to see TVs of all sizes on sale, from as small as 32″ to as large as 85″. With Prime’s free two day shipping, your brand-new discounted TV can arrive just days after the big event.

Kitchen Applicances

Any appliances for the kitchen are always a safe bet for Prime Day sales. This includes mixers, air fryers, microwaves, and more. In prior years, Prime Day has also offered fantastic deals on coffee makers, with hundreds of dollars worth of savings at times. Overall, if you’re in need of new kitchen equipment, Prime Day is one of the best days of the year to save some cash.

Apple Products

Apple products are always a safe guess for Prime Day. We expect to see AirPods Pro discounted, alongside AirPods Max and other Apple headphones. Additionally, it’s likely Amazon will discount a few iPad models, which makes Prime Day a perfect time to pick up a new device before the Fall.


Vacuums are a hot item every Prime Day. This includes both stick vacuums and robot vacuums, which are great for any household. Big name brands like Dyson and iRobot tend to show out for Prime Day, so we expect to see some quality deals from notable brands this July.


Since laptop manufacturers release new models each year, laptops are a staple in the Amazon Prime Day sales event each year. Some of the best gaming laptops and newest models can be bought on sale during Prime Day, which can save you hundreds of dollars. We expect to see popular brands like HP, Lenovo, Dell, and MSI offer laptops on sale.

PC Accessories

Prime Day will also be a great time to buy PC accessories. You can pick up a new headset or one of the latest PC cases for your desktop PC at a steep discount. This also goes for Steam Deck accessories like docks, controllers, and chargers.

What Deals Not to Expect This Year

Prime Day does not discount everything, though. One of the biggest categories, new video games, tend to not be on sale during the big event. Unlike Black Friday, where all the new 2024 releases will be heavily discounted, Prime Day might have a few small discounts here and there on older games, but nothing susbtantial will likely go out for this sale.

Additionally, the same can be said for consoles. The best PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S deals are usually saved for the holiday season, so don’t expect to find record low prices on a PS5 Slim bundle. The same can be said for Nintendo Switch and other gaming PC handhelds like ROG Ally and Steam Deck.

What Other Retailers Have Prime Day Sales?

While Prime Day is exclusive to Amazon, other retailers have begun holding sales of their own in recent years. These sales are meant to be a counter to Prime Day, offering sweet discounts you won’t find at any other time of the year except Black Friday.

Best Buy

Best Buy has held the 4th of July sale for the past few years to compete with Prime Day. This event has a focus on TVs, Apple products, laptops, and more. You might even find home theater systems at a discount, which can be a great addition to your living room or media room. This sale will take place right around July 4, so keep an eye out.


Walmart has a similar 4th of July sale that lasts for the first week of July. You can find deals on TVs, outdoor furtniture, kitchen appliances, and even the latest headphones. The company also held the “Holiday Kickoff” sale to coincide with Prime Day 2 last year, which allowed customers to get a head start on holiday shopping.

Are There Any Good Sales Before Prime Day 2024?

Amazon recently announced a spring sales event taking place on March 20-25. Although it isn’t going to be as big as Prime Day, it’s likely going to be a great time to save ahead of the summer season.

There are two other main holiday sales that will take place before Prime Day 2024. The first is Memorial Day, which takes place on May 27 this year. That weekend will feature all sorts of deals from major retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and even Amazon. Last year, this sale saw discounts on apparel, outdoor furtniture, and TVs.

The other major sale prior to Prime Day is the 4th of July. While some retailers use this holiday to offer competing Prime Day sales, this sales event has an outdoor focus with games like cornhole, indoor golf, and more available at a discounted price. You’ll also be able to find TVs at discount, especially since July marks halfway through the year.

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