Larian Studios may not be working on full-fledged Baldur’s Gate 3 DLC, but there are at least more evil endings on the way – and founder Swen Vincke says “they’re really evil.”

In an interview with IGN, Vincke teased additional campaign endings, saying that while players are “not going to see massive content changes,” the team is dedicated to delivering on the fan feedback they’ve received since launch. That includes some love for Baldur’s Gate 3’s more villainous players.

“So they’re working on the evil endings right now,” he said. “I’ve seen some of them. They’re really evil. So the evil players will be satisfied with that.”

Baldur’s Gate 3 fans will soon get even more satisfaction out of being evil.

Baldur’s Gate 3 lets players be the kind of Dungeons & Dragons character they’ve always dreamed of – even if it means being a bad person. Evil acts range from comedically kicking squirrels and being mean to NPCs to creatively killing – and even torturing – some of the characters you can find throughout the story. Larian even included a Dark Urge background for those who enjoy adding a bit of spontaneous evil spice to some encounters. Evil endings in particular, however, are something fans have wanted to be fleshed out since launch. Now that we know they’re on the way, evildoers can finally look forward to more satisfying narrative conclusions.

Support for evil endings should appease some of Baldur’s Gate 3’s more nefarious players, though Vincke says updates will be less substantial after previously promised features launch. He says Larian will eventually “scale down,” adding, “It’s just going to be support on bugs, because we want the team to be working on new things.”

Baldur’s Gate 3 has continued to sweep award shows since its full launch arrived last year, but the victory laps can only continue for so long before Larian finally closes its D&D chapter. To help make the transition a bit easier to swallow for fans, the studio has another promising update on the horizon: cross-platform curated mods.

So they’re working on the evil endings right now. I’ve seen some of them. They’re really evil

“So we are working with Wizards, Sony, Microsoft… a lot of partners to align,” Vincke tells us, “but we’re trying to get cross-platform curated mods in there so that people on console can enjoy the mods that are being made for the PC also. So that’ll be a big thing, I think, because there’s a lot of mods already, and then we won’t be able to support everything, but we should be able support quite a few.”

Even as the Larian team transitions toward a new future, Vincke is confident in the bold new direction. In an X/Twitter thread, the founder sympathized with those who are upset to hear that the developer won’t be creating any major expansions or Baldur’s Gate 4. However, he says the studio’s accomplishments have paved the way for a promising future. It’s unclear when updates for Baldur’s Gate 3 will come to an end or the order players can expect to receive changes, but fans at least have evil endings and more mod support to look forward to.

“The team has grown a lot during Bg3 and I think you can be very excited for what that growth means for our next game,” he said.

Whether your character is good or evil, Larian’s RPG masterpiece is already filled with storylines to discover. It’s so packed with content, in fact, that it features more than triple the word count of The Lord of the Rings books. For more on Baldur’s Gate 3, be sure to check out an early version of Astarion that traded in High Elf ears for a Tiefling’s horns. If you’re still hungry for more, you should check out our 10/10 review.

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