For the past several years indie developer Thomas Young has been entertaining us with the excellent Dadish series, a handful of retro platformers that keep things pure in terms of running and jumping mechanics and keep things light with extremely cute food-based characters as well as dad-level humor permeating every square inch of every game. There are 3 full traditional level-based games, as well as Daily Dadish which as the title alludes to gave you a brand new level to play each day for an entire year straight. However, as we learned at the beginning of this month, the world of Dadish was about to enter a brand new dimension… the third dimension!

Well, the original plan was to launch Dadish 3D on the 23rd, but one of those naughty children of his must have snuck away and pressed the release button a bit ahead of schedule as the game became available earlier this morning. You won’t hear any complaints from me! Dadish 3D feels very much like a throwback to N64-era 3D platformers while still feeling every bit as “Dadish” as the other games. The levels are short and to the point, but still filled with challenging platforming tasks and wacky enemies, now in 3D! And once again Dadish has fallen asleep and allowed his children to wander off on their own, so you’ll be making your way through 50 new levels trying to track them all down… again. Shouldn’t somebody call the authorities or something at this point? I think that qualifies as child neglect. Ah whatever, they’re all so cute, who could stay mad at them?

Dadish 3D is a lot of fun so far. It plays well with touch controls, though one criticism is that camera movement is tied to a virtual right analog stick rather than just being the whole right side of the screen. Hopefully this can be addressed in an update. When playing with a controller the camera is controlled with the actual right analog stick, so everything feels fine. Other than that I’m getting a real kick out of exploring the world of Dadish in this bold new dimension. Like the other games in the series it’s totally free to download and try yourself with a one-time ad-removal IAP available for those that like to make their games fully premium, so I suggest checking out Dadish 3D for yourself right this minute and hopping into the game’s forum thread to share your thoughts about it.

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