Delphi AI will soon get a new video-calling feature.
| Photo Credit: REUTERS

Delphi’s AI-powered digital cloning platform is set to get a new video-calling feature by the end of May, per a report published by Daily Mail on Monday. Once video calling is introduced, users will be able to instruct their digital clones to attend meetings on platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet.

Delphi AI allows users to create a digital clone of themselves that can mimic their thoughts and speech. The data to create the same is collected from podcasts, videos, PDFs, and other content sources.

Creating a clone on Delphi AI can take as little as one hour. Users have utilised this technology to delegate their workloads, even linking their clones to applications such as Instagram and Shopify.

To safeguard against unauthorised use, creating a clone requires a photo ID, ensuring people cannot impersonate others. Delphi AI charges a monthly fee for creating digital clones ranging from $19 to $399.

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