Epic is refunding players who purchased The Side Shuffle and Jubi Slide emotes from Fortnite. In a future shop update, players will be able to purchase both emotes in a bundle for 600 V-Bucks.

The Side Shuffle and Jubi Slide are almost identical. The only significant difference between them is the music that plays while they are performed. The emotes debuted in Fortnite roughly two years apart, but given how similar they are, some Fortnite players complained that Epic was “reskinning” an emote in a manner it hasn’t really done before. The argument seemed to sway the developer, which will now group the emotes together at a price that nearly makes them buy-one-get-one-free. Both emotes are heavily inspired by jubi2fye, a TikTok user who went viral for popularizing the dance.

The newer of the two emotes, Jubi Slide, seems unlikely to be sold as a standalone item again given how it was removed from the store just hours after it appeared. The bundle will likely become the new standard way to add these emotes to your locker, though Epic has not made that absolutely clear.

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