The upside of things being bad is that you don’t have to pay attention to them. Think of the time you’ve saved, in life, by movies, TV shows and video games being rubbish, and therefore culturally irrelevant and safely ignored.

In some ways, then, it’s a problem that the Fallout TV show looks good in its latest trailer. You might have to watch it when it releases on Amazon Prime on April 11th.

Here’s the final, official trailer:

Fallout – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Fallout TV show’s final trailer.

Part of the issue is that cast. Can you ever safely ignore something which stars Walton Goggins, Kyle MacLachlan, and has a robot voiced by Matt Berry?

More generally, the trailer is pretty good! I like the dialogue, the production design, the interactions we see between its protagonists, and there is some hint of what exact plot and themes from the game the series might choose to explore.

The Fallout TV series is being led by Jonathan Nolan, best known for being Christopher’s brother, but secondarily best known for the Westworld TV reboot, Person Of Interest, and co-scripting several of his brother’s films. There’s plenty of conceptual overlap between Westworld and Fallout to suggest that he might be a good fit for the video game adaptation.

Despite what I said up top, I may not watch the Fallout TV series either way, because I cancelled my Prime subscription sometime ago and don’t currently intend to renew it. I’m looking forward to its brief spark within the cultural consciousness in any case.

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