Another Apple Arcade redemption story is just around the corner, as Noodlecake today announced that their previous Apple Arcade title The Enchanted World will be returning to iOS devices as a regular App Store release in just a couple of weeks as well as debuting on Android devices for the very first time. The Enchanted World is developed by AI Interactive and published by Noodlecake, and it was a launch title for the Apple Arcade service back in September of 2019. It uses the well-trodden sliding-tile puzzle mechanic and builds on top of it in some really unique ways, while also sporting a wonderful art style and very high level of presentation.

You might be thinking “Tile-sliding puzzles? Pffftt, those are so LAME” but let me tell you little sonny Jim, this is a game that does not hesitate to ramp things up to a high degree of difficulty as the game progresses. Yes, you are going to have your behind handed to you by a tile-sliding puzzler, and by gosh you are going to like it. The Enchanted World is available for pre-order on the iOS App Store here, and pre-registration for Android on the Google Play Store here. It’s free to download and try with a one-time full game unlock IAP priced at $3.99, but for those who pre-order you can score the game at a discounted price of just $2.99 during its first two weeks of launch. The launch date is set for May 7th.

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