You may think that shopping for a great toaster wouldn’t necessarily also involve buying anything with the Xbox logo on it, but you’d be wrong. You really should consider picking up this toaster that looks like an Xbox Series S. Not just because it looks cool, either. We’ll get into the features that make the Xbox Series S toaster a reasonably good toaster in a moment, but for now, all you really need to know is that you can buy one from Walmart’s website right now for just $40.

Getting back to the features, the Xbox Series S toaster has all of the basics you’d expect including a self-centering bread guide and a bagel button. The toaster can deal with anything from bread to frozen waffles to English muffins and more, and the six-setting shade selector means you’ll always get the perfect level of toastiness. There’s even an LED countdown timer so you know how long you’ll have to wait as well.

All of that pales beside the most exciting feature because your new toaster automatically emblazons the famous Xbox logo on the bread to create a work of art that you’ll almost feel bad for eating. All for just $40? You really can’t go wrong at that price. Still, as great as the toaster is it isn’t very good at playing games. For that, you’re going to want to check out our collection of the best Xbox deals including consoles, games and more.

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