Google has released the second developers preview of Android 15 operating system. In the preview, Google has detailed on what new features it plans on bringing with the upcoming system update and how developers can utilise these functions. Some of the new features mentioned include satellite communication support, cover screen support for flip-style foldable smartphones, screen record detection, and more. Here are the details:

Android 15: Satellite support

With Android 15, Google will be extending platform support for satellite connectivity. Apps on the upcoming Android version will be able to detect when a device is connected to a satellite. Additionally, SMS/MMS apps and apps that use RCS messaging will be able to send and receive messages through satellite connectivity, without using mobile or Wi-Fi networks. Google said that Android 15 will also include some UI elements to “ensure a consistent user experience across satellite connectivity landscape”.


Notification when device connects to satellite (Image: Google)

Android 15: Smoother tap-to-pay experience

With Android 15, Google plans to enhance the tap to pay experience on Android smartphones. Google said that on supported devices, with Android 15, apps will be able to make a request to the device’s NFC (Near Field Communication) adapter to enter into “Observe” mode. This means that the device will be able to connect but not respond to NFC readers. This will allow apps to authenticate ahead of the first communication to the NFC reader.

Android 15: Cover screen support

Developers will be able to declare that their app or activity can be presented on the cover screen of a flip-style foldable device. Although Google said that “the screens are too small to be considered as compatible targets for Android apps to run on”, the developer can still opt-in for making their application available on the cover screen.

Screen record detection

One of the biggest privacy features coming to Android devices with Android 15 is the apps ability to detect if they are being recorded. Google said that apps on Android 15 will get the ability to detect whenever it is visible to the screen recorder. Using this, if an app is performing a sensitive operation, it can inform the user that the process is being recorded.

First Published: Mar 22 2024 | 3:57 PM IST

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