A couple of months ago we posted the trailer for the gorgeous upcoming narrative puzzle game The Valley of the Architects from developer Whaleo, who previously brought us the similarly gorgeous Widower’s Sky back in 2019. In the game you play as an architectural writer named Liz who goes on a journey to discover the secrets behind a lost and forgotten architect named “Architect Q” in Africa. It appears this architect has constructed massive and intricate architectural puzzles out in the middle of nowhere, where almost nobody would ever see them unless they were specifically looking for them, just as Liz is. The puzzles are based around elevators and act as trials, with each completed one revealing more of the strange story behind Architect Q. Each level, narrated by Liz, is a new article that she has written about her experiences making her way through the trials.

It’s a super interesting premise for what is essentially a bunch of crazy-gorgeous elevator puzzles, and I am here for it. When we first posted about The Valley of the Architects in January the game was hitting the final stretch of development and testing, and over the weekend Whaleo officially put the game up for pre-order on the App Store at a price of $4.99 with an expected release date of March 29th. They are still looking for some last minute testing ahead of launch, so if you’re interested in maybe trying this one out early head over to our forums and make some noise about that. Assuming nothing major comes up we’ll be looking forward to getting our hands on The Valley of the Architects when it launches at the end of the month.

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