Following its release on PC and Nintendo Switch this past November, and it’s arrival on Xbox and PlayStation back in January, publisher Astragon Entertainment and developer Mi’pu’mi Games are now bringing their super stylish tactical puzzler Howl to iOS and Android devices later this month. Howl has a very interesting premise: There is a “howling plague” running rampant in medieval times and anyone who hears it is turned into a feral beast not too dissimilar from a werewolf. You play as the heroine of the story who is deaf, and thus immune to the howling plague, as she sets out to find a cure for the plague and to rescue her lost brother. You can see Howl in action in the following launch trailer from its original PC and Switch launch, and following that is another very interesting video showing how the developers came up with their very unique “living ink” art style and that’s well worth a watch too.

Back when this game first launched in November, our own resident Nintendo Switch Fella Shaun Musgrave took the Switch version for a spin and enjoyed it quite a bit in his review. Allow me to liberally pillage that review to bring you this quick synopsis:

The game has the slight whiff of a tactical RPG about it, but I must stress that this is more like a puzzle game than anything else. There’s very little randomness about it, and the game more or less knows what you have available to you at any given point. It’s all about using your knowledge of the various wolves and how they’ll react to put together a plan that will score you a victory. It’s a very cool game, but one that will take patience to learn the ropes in. It opens up significantly as you play, giving you more agency in how you want to handle things. A nice difficulty curve if you can get over the initial hump. I also love its extremely distinctive look.

Currently you can pre-order the iOS version of Howl over on the App Store and it will be coming to Android devices as well when the mobile version launches on March 21st. It’ll be free to try with a one-time $3.99 full game unlock IAP. To that end the game features a free demo on the platforms it’s already available on, so if you want to take it for a test drive before its mobile launch check it out right now on your PC or console platform of choice.

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