The Health department has issued an alert in Kozhikode in the wake of two persons succumbing to jaundice in the district in the past 10 days.

A release from the office of the District Medical Officer (DMO) said on April 6 (Saturday) that the deceased belonged to Chekkiad and Kizhakkoth and there has been a rise in the number of patients seeking treatment. Health department officials said that jaundice is mainly caused by Hepatitis A virus, which is transmitted through the faecal and oral route. Some of the major symptoms of the infection are the developing of a yellow colour over the skin and in the eyes, vomiting sensation, fever, body fatigue, and stomach ache.

Maintaining body hygiene and including more vegetables and fruits in food will help. Those who have doubts about infectious diseases such as jaundice, dengue fever, and leptospirosis can contact the special cell at the DMO’s office at 0495-237390.

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