A prison officer in south Miami-Dade found himself behind bars after having sex with an inmate, police said.

Jerry Brawley III, 20, is facing a charge of sexual misconduct with a detainee. He was arrested Wednesday and still remains in the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center Thursday.

Brawley, a correctional officer at the Homestead Correctional Institution, was dismissed from his job and is currently under a criminal investigation by the Office of the Inspector General, the Florida Department of Corrections said.

During a midnight headcount, Brawley told all the inmates in Atara Filmore’s wing to stay inside their cells, an arrest report read. He then had Filmore come to the officer station.

When she entered, Brawley blocked the station’s window and turned off the lights. He demanded she have sex with him, the report read, and she complied.

Video surveillance showed Filmore entering the station and Brawley covering the window.

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