Some people have an incredible ability to remember phone numbers, but this is certainly not the case for everyone. In fact, there are a lot of people who – regardless of how long they’ve had their phone – don’t know their own number. On a day-to-day basis, you may well not need to know your phone number, but there are definitely times when you need it.

Whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone, there are built-in ways to find out what your phone number is. It’s something that’s very handy to know, because even if you are able to remember your own number, you may want to share the techniques for finding a number with someone you know who is forgetful.

Quick steps for how to find your phone number

  • Search system settings
  • Phone a friend

Tools and Requirements

  • An Android phone or iPhone

Step by step guide for how to find your phone number: Android

1. Find your phone number on Android

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Fire up the Settings app on your phone and you have a couple of options. You could make use of the search tool in Settings to search for “My phone number”, and this will take you directly to wherever this information is stored on your handset. Alternatively, you can navigate to System > About phone > Status, and you should find your number listed here.

2. Other options on Android

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The process will not always be the same on every Android device; this could be because of handsets running older versions of the operating system, or because of customizations put in place by the manufacturer. With OnePlus, for instance, you should head to the Mobile network section of Settings and your number will be found here. Check with your device manufacturer if you’re having trouble, but the search option should work for just about every handset.

Step by step guide for how to find your phone number: iPhone

3. Find your phone number on iPhone

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There is less variance with iPhones because there is only one manufacturer of handsets, and, unless you have a very old model, you should be running the most recent version of iOS. As such, you can simply choose between opening Contacts in the Phone app and looking at the entry for yourself, or you can open Settings and head to Phone > My Number.

Step by step guide for how to find your phone number

4. Call a friend

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While not exactly an ideal option, you could always call a friend or relative – ideal if you happen to be with someone else when you need to know your phone number. Just place a call to your contact, and your number will pop up on their screen so they can tell you what it is. You may even find that you can simply ask a friend or family member that you are with, and they’ll be able to tell you your number off the top of their head.

5. Make a note

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A good option to save yourself from having to go through these steps again in the future is to make sure you save your phone number on your phone in a place that’s easy to find. You could send yourself an email that you can easily search for when needed, create a note in your favorite app, or just create an entry for yourself in your address book.

Final Thoughts

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