Indo-Swedish Space collaboration leaps forward with ground station expansion

by Riko Seibo

Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Mar 09, 2024

Dhruva Space and the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) are intensifying their longstanding collaboration with an agreement to expand their satellite ground station network, an initiative poised to significantly benefit the Swedish and Indian new space industries. This partnership marks a pivotal advance with Dhruva Space set to employ SSC’s ground station network for its forthcoming LEAP-1 hosted payload satellite mission, expected to launch later in 2024.

This latest collaboration underscores both entities’ dedication to facilitating easier access to space, combining Dhruva Space’s comprehensive space engineering solutions, which span satellite manufacturing, launch services, and mission operations, with SSC’s extensive experience in ground station and satellite communication services management. Ground stations, essential for successful, safe, and efficient satellite mission operations, are crucial for maintaining communication, data transfer, tracking, and control over satellites, especially during their critical initial orbit phase.

The agreement not only signifies a commitment to current joint operations but also lays the groundwork for future collaborations. These may include shared ground station operations, exchanging resources, expertise, and infrastructure to enhance ground station efficiency, and potential joint research and development projects that leverage the combined strengths of both nations.

Reflecting on the robust Indo-Sweden space cooperation that dates back to 1986, this partnership is a testament to the ongoing engagement and collaboration between the two countries. Historical collaborations have seen milestones such as the Swedish payload SARA aboard India’s Chandrayaan-1 lunar mission and India’s participation as an Observer in the Arctic Council, showcasing a rich history of governmental and industrial cooperation across both nations.

Sanjay Nekkanti, CEO and Co-founder of Dhruva Space, expressed pride in the reinforcement and elevation of their partnership with SSC, emphasizing the strategic importance of this collaboration from both a scientific and entrepreneurial perspective. Nekkanti pointed out the critical role of ground station networks in maximizing the utility of low earth orbiting satellites and the future of LEO missions, which is heavily reliant on the expansion and evolution of these ground facilities.

Fredrik Gisle, Head of APAC Market Region at SSC, shared his enthusiasm for broadening their relationship with Dhruva Space, particularly in supporting the upcoming LEAP-1 mission. Gisle highlighted the long history of Sweden-India collaboration across various sectors, including space, where SSC has supported notable missions like ISRO’s Chandrayaan-3. He looks forward to deepening this relationship and exploring new opportunities in the NewSpace sector alongside Dhruva Space, SSC’s inaugural private client in India.

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