Intelsat and Cloudcast Digital Launch Advanced Land Mobility Services in India

by Clarence Oxford

Los Angeles CA (SPX) Mar 13, 2024

Intelsat in collaboration with Cloudcast Digital Limited (CDL), a forefront provider of satellite communication solutions, has expanded its service offering in India. Utilizing Intelsat’s innovative FlexMove solution, the partnership aims to enhance land mobile services across remote areas of India, managed under the technological guidance of Planetcast Media Services Limited.

Planetcast, renowned for its teleport and video platform services, has been an integral part of Intelsat’s media distribution network through Intelsat 17 and Intelsat 20, providing critical video distribution to the Indian market.

The partnership between CDL and Intelsat introduced the revolutionary Flex services to India in 2022, marking a significant leap in satellite communication by merging Intelsat’s satellite capabilities, a dedicated Flex gateway in Noida, and CDL’s In-Flight and Maritime Connectivity (IFMC) license. This collaboration led to the introduction of the FlexMaritime service, enhancing broadband connectivity for maritime ventures within Indian waters.

The current expansion underscores the introduction of FlexMove by Intelsat and CDL, a strategic move to support land-mobile operations. This service is especially designed to assist in disaster relief efforts, offering vital communication solutions for border security, law enforcement, and disaster relief organizations through vehicle-mounted and portable backpack units. Furthermore, the expanded service portfolio will also encompass FlexEnterprise and FlexExec, extending comprehensive connectivity solutions to maritime, enterprise, business jet, and media sectors in India.

Gaurav Kharod, Intelsat’s Regional Vice President for Asia Pacific, emphasized the strategic vision of the expansion, stating, “With our proven track record and continued investment, we aim to broaden our service offerings for our clients in India. Our collaboration with Planetcast reflects our commitment to welcoming strategic partners to serve emerging business sectors.”

Echoing the sentiment, Sanjay Duda, CEO of CDL, remarked on the longstanding partnership with Intelsat, “Our alliance with Intelsat in the media sector has been both rewarding and productive. Venturing into new domains with them seems a natural progression, given their vast experience and success across various industries. We look forward to our continued growth together.”

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