April 20, 2024 09:23 am | Updated April 21, 2024 12:23 pm IST – Thiruvananthapuram

Mosquito sucking blood, little insect on skin. Representational image.

The Health department has directed that as intermittent summer showers seemed to be continuing, preventive and control measures against the possible spread of dengue fever be intensified in cooperation with local self-government bodies.

The directions regarding this were also given at the monthly meeting of State Medical Officers. Pre-monsoon cleaning activities needed to be taken up in a time-bound manner. Special committees will be set up in all districts under the district medical officers to assess the progress of these activities.

Source reduction activities will have to be taken up in an intense manner to reduce the incidence of dengue, health officials said.

Coordinated activities of local bodies, other departments and the public to prevent water stagnation in and around homes and offices alone can reduce the incidence of dengue fever. Health workers should intensify preventive measures in areas designated as hotspots for dengue.

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