BJP State president and Union Minister G Kishan Reddy, MP and BJP OBC Morcha national president K Laxman and other leaders release Telugu version of the BJP Manifesto for 2024 Lok Sabha elections in Hyderabad on Sunday.
| Photo Credit: RAMAKRISHNA G

Telangana BJP president and Union Minister G. Kishan Reddy has claimed that the Modi government has been making an effort to correct the “injustices, mistakes, corruption and dynastic politics” of the earlier Congress Party regimes which had ruled the Centre.

“Modi Guarantee is to develop the country by 2047, provide a stable government, jail the corrupt leaders, destroy terrorism, provide quality health and education to the people, housing for all and so on,” he told the media after releasing the Telugu version of the party manifesto on Sunday.

The next term of the Modi government will improve employment opportunities in emerging technologies like chip making, electric vehicles, semiconductors, etc., expand railways capacity to ensure there are no waiting lists for travel, expressway network for villages, solar energy expansion, etc., he said.

The BJP regime will also further improve the cultural-religious corridors in the rest of the country like it was done at Varanasi, introduce the uniform civil code, expedite the new criminal laws and strive for a single election across the country, he added.

Rajya Sabha MP and BJP OBC Morcha national president K. Laxman said that the Congress Party manifesto reflects the thoughts and actions of its leader Rahul Gandhi, whom he accused of “believing in divisive politics in the name of caste, region and religion” whereas the BJP manifesto is about the Modi guarantees in fulfilling the people’s expectation while preserving the country’s unity and integrity.

The BJP leader charged that the Congress Party-led alliance is coming out with a new name during this election but their “thoughts and policies” remain the same along with the “corrupt and dynastic politics”. The INDIA alliance manifesto only talks about minorities’ rights without considering the majority community issues at all. In Telangana too, the party had cheated people in the name of promising guarantees within 100 days but failing to implement, he added.

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