For 2024, Secretlab has recently released a new budget version of its most popular gaming chair. The new Secretlab Titan Evo Lite carries over most of the features and nearly all of the ergonomics of the Titan Evo at a lower price point. In fact, at its current price, it’s less expensive than the older Titan 2020. Check out our Secretlab Titan Evo Lite review for more details.

Secretlab Titan Evo Lite Gaming Chair Starting at $449

Right now the Secretlab Titan Evo Lite is priced at $449. The Titan Evo currently starts at $549. That’s a hefty $100 in savings. At its core, the Secretlab Titan Evo Lite is very similar to the Titan Evo and the tradeoffs involve customization and adjustability options that (mostly) don’t impact the ergonomics and comfort of the chair itself. Here’s a breakdown of the similarities and differences between the two.

Titan Evo Lite: What’s similar to the Titan Evo

  • Identical frame (including wider back and seat) as the Titan Evo
  • Same cold-cure medium-firm foam cushioning for the seat
  • Built-in lumbar for the seat back
  • 165 degrees of recline
  • 4D armrests

Titan Evo Lite: What’s different from Titan Evo

  • Prime 2.0 Leatherette or SoftWeave Fabric upholstery options
  • Only available in Regular and Extra Large (not Small)
  • Only 5 color options to choose from
  • Lumbar is not adjustable (although it still flexes to natural movement)
  • Does not include headrest
  • Armrests can’t be upgraded

There’s another Titan chair the Secretlab still carries and that is the older Titan 2020. It looks like Secretlab might be phasing that one out because currently most of the models are out of stock. In fact, only the Prime 2.0 Leatherette models are in stock right now. The Titan 2020 currently starts at $474, which is more expensive than the Evo Lite. Although it’s based on a slightly older design, some people actually prefer the Titan 2020 because of the softer seat cushioning. The Titan 2020 does come with a memory foam pillow and adjustable lumbar, although not as adjustable as the Titan Evo. I think that the Evo Lite is a better chair to get, especially given the lower price point and the fact that the only options available are rather garish in design, but if you do want the Titan 2020, you should jump on one soon before they are discontinued.

Why Choose Secretlab?

It’s no secret that we love our Secretlab gaming chairs. We’ve consistently rated them as the best high-end gaming chair on the market, as well as the best gaming chair for “big and tall” gamers. Of all the gaming chairs we covered in our “Budget to Best” roundup video earlier this year, Akeem considered the Secretlab Titan Evo to be the most comfortable. No good chair comes cheap, and Secretlab chairs definitely cost a premium, but we think the craftsmanship, materials, customer service, and customizability are worth it.

On a personal note, I’ve recently swapped my aging Herman Miller Aeron chair to a TITAN Evo, and I won’t be going back. The Aeron chair is indisdutably an amazing chair, but the TITAN Evo is, in my opinion, is more comfortable, nearly as customizable, and looks way cooler with my gaming setup.

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