Raipur: Defence minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday said that no farmer in the country will face any kind of problem nor will any person remain poor if Prime Minister Narendra Modi won the third term in power at the Centre in the ensuing general elections.

Addressing the ‘Kissan Mahakumbh’ (farmers’ convention) here, Mr Nath said that Mr Modi has undertaken several measures to improve the economic conditions of the farmers by ensuring hassle-free services to them.

He cited the initiatives taken by Mr Modi for the farmers such as the soil health card scheme, and Kissan Samman Nidhi to make the farming remunerative.

Mr Singh said that care has been taken by the Centre to ensure that input costs in agriculture are under check.

The urea fertiliser is available in India at a cost of Rs 300 per bag as against Rs 3,000 in USA, he said.

Mr Singh said that while prices of commodities including fertiliser are rising in the world due to the Russia-Ukraine war, Mr Modi has ensured that the prices are not increased in India.

He also cited how the PM is promoting millets at the global market by serving them to G 20 dignitaries and said that the Centre will buy and export millets if Chhattisgarh increases the production of the coarse grains.

He said that the Central budgetary allocation for the agriculture sector was increased by five times to Rs 1.25 lakh crore when Mr Modi became PM in 2014.

Mr Singh pledged that no person in the country will remain poor if Mr Modi got a third term in power at the Centre.

He cited a NITI Aayog report and said that 25 crore people in the country have moved above the Below Poverty Line due to Mr Modi’s pro-poor policies.

Mr Singh said that every homeless person in the country will get a proper house and all the houses will be provided with a tap water supply.

The Union minister also lauded the Vishnu Deo Sai government for implementing a number of pre-poll promises made by Mr Modi for Chhattisgarh within two and half months of coming to power.

The Union minister said that the Chhattisgarh government is procuring paddy from the farmers at Rs 3,100 per quintal and wheat at Rs 2,125 per quintal as promised by the PM before the November Assembly elections in the state.

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