Back in December last year, Capcom announced that it would be releasing the remaster of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective on iOS and Android but would be delisting the original iOS release. The current version of Ghost Trick (Free) (Don’t buy this now if you don’t have it yet) is planned to be delisted on March 25th. After that day, you will not be able to buy the game or in app content, but you should be able to play it and re-download it if you own it. Compatibility with future versions of iOS isn’t guaranteed though. The new version of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective hit Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and Steam last year, and it has been confirmed to release on iOS and Android on March 28th. This version is the definitive release, and it will be the game’s debut on Android as well. Watch the new Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective mobile announcement trailer below:

When the new version of Ace Attorney Trilogy hit mobile replacing the original game, I expected this to happen for Ghost Trick as well. Until the iOS and Android launch of the new game, you can check out the remaster on Steam and all other consoles. Read Shaun’s review here. Hopefully Capcom can bring The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles to iOS and celebrate the 20th anniversary of Monster Hunter by resurrecting Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on iOS. A price point for the new HD version of Ghost Trick hasn’t been announced yet, but it costs $29.99 on console and PC right now. I expect the iOS and Android version to be priced at $20 or $25 when it launches later this month. Note that there will be no save transfer to the new version on iOS. Have you played Ghost Trick on iOS, Nintendo DS, or any of its modern platform versions?

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