Space Crew is superficially similar to FTL: you manage a crew in space as you deal with peril, put out fires and fight off aliens. It’s set apart by between-mission management, during which you get the steady dopamine drip of ship, crew and equipment upgrades and customisation.

It’s free to keep from Steam for the next two weeks.

Head over to the Steam page for Space Crew: Legendary Edition and you’ll find it 100% off until March 14th at 5pm GMT. Its predecessor, the World War 2-themed Bomber Crew, is also 90% off alongside deep reductions on both games’ myriad DLC.

Nate had a grand old time doodling on the outside of his ship in his Space Crew review back in 2020:

Crew death also brings me to the game’s single best feature, which is a simple in-game art UI, where you can design custom decals for your ship. When I lost my chief engineer, I decided he’d become one with the ship: I painted it an unpleasant flesh colour, daubed a grimacing face and beefy arms on it, and renamed it The Transformed Man. You can see it in the header image at the top of the post. When I lost a security officer later on, I added a second face to the ship, and painted the motto “We Were People Once” on its flank. Relaxing stuff.

I’ve only ever heard good things about Space Crew, but my sense it was deemed perhaps too similar to the fresher delights of Bomber Crew. Still, I’m intrigued by Runner Duck’s next swing at the genre, the Mad Max-inspired Badlands Crew, due to launch on Steam this year.

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