As puzzlers know full well, the humble jigsaw puzzle is a thing of beauty in multiple ways. Not only are jigsaws an absorbing time sink, but multiple studies have demonstrated they are good for you both mentally and physically. As you fit the pieces into place, they can be enjoyed alone or as a communal activity, and remain to be a fun hobby for all ages. Plus, when you’re finished, you’re often left with a delightful piece of art and sense of accomplishment.

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The only downside to puzzles is they can take up a surprising amount of space, especially puzzles with 1000+ pieces. If you get into working on bigger puzzles, they can eat up your dining room table, coffee table or desk space for long stretches of time. This is why many jigsaw fans have a dedicated puzzle-solving table these days, often equipped with useful accessories. You have foldable and portable options, multi-purpose tables (for playing cards and the like), and ones with drawers to organize the pieces as you go. No matter what you’re looking for or what your budget is, there’s an option for you.

If you’ve got the puzzle bug or simply want an easier setup for regular puzzling, here are our top puzzle table picks right now to solve your space and storage problems, no matter your budget.

1. Bits and Pieces Fold and Go Table

Best portable (and best multi-purpose) table

This Bits and Pieces puzzle table has it all in one convenient package. It stores completely flat but extends into a good-sized table with fold-out legs and a felt covering to make it easy to pick up and push in pieces. The side arms can be used to arrange pieces you have yet to fit into the main puzzle, giving you plenty of room to work.

Because it stores flat, it also functions as a puzzle protector, allowing you to fold the flaps inward to cover your work in progress. It can then be slid conveniently under furniture until you’re ready to dive in again. And if you like puzzling on the go, this table’s lightweight and has a carry handle. As a bonus, this table is multi-purpose for card games, reading, writing and the like.

2. Vociprooter Puzzle Board

Best lap table

Vociprooter Puzzle Board

Vociprooter Puzzle Board

Options for 1000 pieces or 1500 pieces

Some puzzlers prefer the comfort of working from their laps on a favorite chair or sofa, but that can be almost impossible with larger puzzles. To solve this problem, consider one of these handy Puzzle Mate folders which offer a hard surface you can spread out and balance on your knees.

The wings offer trays to put puzzle pieces on while you’re still working. When you want to finish a session, you can move the trays into the center and zip the wings closed to seal the puzzle. It can then be tucked away out of sight until you’re ready to carry on. This handy design comes in a variety of sizes to suit your puzzling preferences.

3. Jigitz Puzzle Spinner

Best spinning/rotating table

Jigsaw Puzzle Spinner

Having a spinning jenny for your puzzle is such a great idea it’s surprising more companies haven’t put one on the market. If you’re puzzling with friends it’s much more convenient to reach the piece you’re working on. If you’re puzzling alone, it lets you easily access every side of the puzzle, as well as try different angles to see if a new perspective sparks a new idea for a match between possible pieces.

This particular Jigitz offering comes with a felt backing for convenience, a hardwood rim, and can hold puzzles up to 34” x 34”. And if you’re into jigsaws of different shapes, there’s a circular option from the same manufacturer, too.

4. Jumbl 1500-Piece Puzzle Board Rack

Best table with drawers

Jumbl 1500-Piece Puzzle Board Rack

Jumbl 1500-Piece Puzzle Board Rack

27” x 35” surface area.

Here’s another full puzzle table with fold-out legs for your consideration. From Jumbl, this table’s a little bulkier than some others on this list, but that’s because it comes with a hidden benefit: slide-out drawers to store your puzzle pieces. Anything you’re currently clueless about can be hidden away until you’re ready, as can part-finished sections that aren’t quite ready to join the main puzzle.

The table is thoughtfully designed in a number of other respects, from the attractive varnished finish to the two-sided rail that gives you clear access from different angles while keeping the puzzle in place. And if you don’t need it freestanding, it’s thin enough to sit conveniently on a tabletop or other surface.

5. Playvibe Puzzle Board

Best table-topper

Playvibe Table Topper

Our previous recommendation will sit atop a table, but it’s a little bulky should that be your primary mode of play. This one, from Playvibe, is a dedicated, slimline table-topper with felt feet to grip surfaces and six handy drawers to help store and organize your pieces.

Fully enclosed edging helps keep your puzzle secure, and the board comes with an acetate cover that fits between the rails to protect half-finished segments when not in use. It’s also made of lightweight wood, so it’s sturdy but still easy to move around from surface to surface as it suits you.

6. ALL4JIG Tilting Puzzle Table

Best tilting table

ALL4JIG Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Table with Wheels


ALL4JIG Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Table with Wheels

Fits 500-2000 Piece Puzzles. 22.8″D x 31.5″W x 35″H

Regular puzzle players will be familiar with the postural problems that can arise from being bent over a surface for a long stretch. If that’s a problem for you, then the answer might be a tilting table like this one from ALL4JIG that leans toward you from different angles, allowing you to sit back and relax in a comfy seat while enjoying your puzzle.

The board has a thick lower lip designed to keep a separate puzzling board in place, but you can play directly on the table’s surface if desired. It’s on wheels, so you can maneuver it into position around your seat, and it comes in a neat wood laminate finish.

7. Becko Angle Puzzle Board

Best tilting table-topper

Becko Adjustable Bracket/Stand Puzzle Board

A table that tilts toward you as you play is obviously useful, but some players don’t want a whole table to do that, only a stand-alone board. This table from Becko offers that convenience in a particularly solid and useful package with a natural pine wood frame.

It’s been thoughtfully designed, with a flannelette (like flannel, but not quite) surface to grip and sort your pieces, while the supplied bracket gives you a choice of angles and can actually be used with other boards. So it’s super useful if you’ve got more than one puzzle on the go at once.

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