In today’s world of seemingly endless streaming platforms, shopping for the right one(s) can be a trying ordeal. Since so many have their own impressively expansive media libraries, it can be hard to commit to a monthly payment of one or multiple options. Do you want access to every Mission Impossible movie? Paramount+ would be a good option. How about all the anime your heart desires? You’ll want to try out Crunchyroll to satisfy that craving. Luckily, most streaming services these days offer a sneak peek–a free trial–into their cache of goodies, each containing a variety of different options. So whatever you’re looking to watch in 2024, these 9 free trials are a great way to test the waters.

1. Hulu (30-Day Free Trial)

The mecca of popular series both original and classic, Hulu has almost everything a series binger would need. Adding to its impressive library over the years with some quality, sought-after films as well as series, Hulu also has a wealth of groundbreaking, interesting, original content to dive into. After exploring every nook and cranny that Hulu has to offer in this generous 30-day trial, there are a wide range of subscription options to opt into from $7.99 a month (with ads) all the way up to just over $100 a month–if you want to include live TV or premium add-ons such as Max, ESPN+, Disney+, Cinemax, Paramount+ with Showtime, STARZ, and more.

If you’re looking to watch Shogun, the latest hit series, Hulu is currently the only place you can stream it. The service will also occasionally offer Disney+ originals on it’s service now that Disney owns them.

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2. Paramount+ (7-Day Free Trial)

Much like Hulu, Paramount+ has dug deep into the nostalgia bin while also offering a breadth of modern shows and movies to choose from. The studio that had a hand in more projects than expected, Paramount+ offers exclusive access to media such as the Mission Impossible movies, the Halo series, and the entire Star Trek film/series universe. With new shows and movies every week and some well-made originals of its own, Paramount+ is quickly becoming a contender with the big names in streaming. After the 7-day free trial of their services, the recurring monthly amount to stay subscribed will be as low as $4.99 (or $59.99 a year) with limited ads, or $11.99 a month (or $119.99 a year) to add SHOWTIME’s full library and remove almost all ads. You can also get access to Parmount+ via a Walmart+ membership if you’re hoping to avoid a free trial all together.

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3. Apple TV+ (7-Day Free Trial)

An up-and-coming streaming service in the recent streaming wars, Apple TV+ takes exclusivity to a whole new level. Featuring some highly appraised, original shows (Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, Masters of the Air) and movies (Killers of the Flower Moon, Spirited, Napoleon), Apple is quickly gaining momentum in the race against its competitors. After the 7-day free trial has expired, the monthly subscription will cost $9.99 at base cost, depending on how many users are added to the account. As a disclaimer for those without Apple products, you will have to create a verified Apple ID to access the premium Apple TV+ streaming library.

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4. DirecTV Stream (5-Day Free Trial)

Although many may remember DirecTV only as a satellite TV service, the company also offers a pretty solid streaming service. DirecTV Stream has a wide array of streaming options that include various movies, series, and premiere live TV streaming access. Though the trial may be a short one (5 days), DirecTV sweetens the deal with some premium content offers upon subscription. When customers sign up for one of three packages ranging in content and priced from $79.99 a month to $119.99 a month, they offer Max, Paramount+ with Showtime, STARZ, MGM+ & Cinemax included in the first 3 months of the subscription.

5. fuboTV (7-Day Free Trial)

fuboTV Free Trial

Another streaming service targeted on live TV streams with a focus on sports, fuboTV is the leading streaming service for sports fans across the globe. While it may be most popular for streaming sporting events, fuboTV has subscription packages that offer up to 10 screens, 1,000 hours of Cloud DVR space, 4k streaming quality, up to 260 tv channels, and even a premium Showtime add-on option. Besides these awesome features, there is also a catalog of popular shows and movies available for on-demand streaming. Once the 7-day trial has expired, subscribers will pay as low as $59.99 for the first month, then $79.99 for the remainder of the membership.

6. Philo TV (7-Day Free Trial)

Philo Free Trial

An additional option for those looking to stream premium TV channels from their living room, Philo TV offers some similar options but for a bargain. While many consider this simply an alternative to cable TV (considering its 70+ channels for a much cheaper rate), it also has over 70,000 titles to stream on-demand even without utilizing the DVR capabilities. Set at a constant monthly rate that includes everything Philo has to offer, subscribers only pay $25 a month after their 7-day free trial to keep using one of the more underrated TV services the internet has to offer.

7. Mubi (7-Day Free Trial)

Mubi Free Trial

A streaming service catered to the arthouse/foreign film cinephiles, Mubi takes streaming subscriptions to a whole new level. Headlining with some of the more obscure and cerebral films to date, Mubi takes pride in its appreciation of the auteur and the directors who made it happen. Presented as a movie theater in a subscription, users can pick from 30 available films–every day one is added and one is removed. After the 7-day free trial, subscribers will be charged $14.99 a month to retain their membership. With the add-on of a fairly new, premium feature called MubiGo, users (in select cities) have access to one movie theater ticket every week–a movie chosen by Mubi–including the Mubi library for $19.99 a month.

8. Amazon Prime (30-Day Free Trial)

As one of the biggest competitors in the streamin wars, Amazon Prime offers a surprisingly long-winded trial of 30 days to decide if you enjoy what they have to offer. Responsible for the production of more high-quality films and series every year (including Rings of Power and the new Fallout series), it’s hard to look away from the Amazon Prime catalog. With access to exclusive content as well as a vast library of established films, much of the content is included with the membership but with an option to rent much newer releases. After the 30-day trial is concluded, users will be charged only $14.99 a month (or $139.00 a year) to continue viewing and enjoy free shipping on orders from Amazon’s shopping center. There is also a student discount of $7.49 a month (or $69 a year).

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9. Crunchyroll (14-Day Free Trial)

Crunchyroll Free Trial

For viewers looking to expand their Anime horizons and join in on the millions of viewers worldwide, Crunchyroll has an offer that is hard to beat. While there are three different membership tiers to choose from ($7.99/mo to $14.99/mo), Crunchyroll also has a decent amount of anime content streaming for free. With the various membership packages available, subscribers can also gain access to Crunchyroll games as well as discounts at the Crunchyroll online store. Any fan of anime knows that Japan is the leader in anime production, which is why Crunchyroll gives users premium access to brand-new episodes shortly after its initial release in Japan. It’s arguably the best place to watch anime online in 2024.

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What are the Best Free Streaming Services?

If you’re looking for a streaming service that is permanently free, there are actually quite a few. One of the biggest names in free streeming is the Roku Channel, which offers tons of movies and shows without the need for a paid subscription. Amazon also has a free streaming service called Freevee that also includes commercials. For a full list of the best free streaming sites, check out our guides below:

Streaming Free Trial FAQs

Does Netflix Have a Free Trial?

Unfortunately, if you’re looking to get a free trial to Netflix, you’re out of luck. Netflix does not offer any free trials and is unlikely to ever do so. If you’re hoping to add Netflix to your list of subscription services, however, you can take a look at our guide to Netflix plans and prices for more info or dive into some of the best Netflix alternatives.

Does Disney+ Have a Free Trial?

When Disney+ first launched, there was in fact a free trial. That is no longer the case, and you will need to pay for a subscription to get access to the service in 2024. That being said, it’s possible to bundle Disney+ with other services to save some money. You can check out our guide to Disney+ bundles for more info.

Does Max Have a Free Trial?

Similar to Netflix and Disney+, Max does not currently offer free trials for it’s service. That being said, the HBO/Discovery streaming service has been known to offer discounts on it’s service at various points throughout the year. You can check out our guide to Max deals for more info,

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