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Todd Howard in an interview with IGN was asked if the plan is to still release The Elder Scrolls VI as the next main game from Bethesda, followed by Fallout 5 and he said the main focus right now on new development is The Elder Scrolls VI.

“I’m going to avoid putting dates on anything,” said Howard. “I’ve learned that the hard way. So obviously, our focus as far as new development right now is Elder Scrolls VI, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not making plans for other things.

“We’re still doing a lot of work, obviously on Fallout 76, and we see the community, so many people going into that game and kind of rediscovering it and just so happy with where that game is at. It really does, and I mean, this has one of the best communities in all of gaming.

“Surprisingly, it’s a very, very nice apocalypse, and we’re doing a lot of Starfield work as well. So we have some really good updates that are going to get announced soon for that game. So, a lot going on here.”

The recently released Fallout TV series has been a huge success for Bethesda and Amazon Prime  as it currently sits at 94 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Fallout games available on Steam have seen a boost in player count following the release of the TV series. Fallout 76 achieved a new peak concurrent player count over the weekend with 39,455 players, while Fallout 4 saw a boost to 83,491 concurrent players and Fallout: New Vegas reached a peak of 19,505 concurrent players.

The Fallout TV series also helped boost sales for the Fallout franchise across Europe last week. Fallout 4 was the best-selling game in Europe as sales increased 7,500 percent compared to the previous week. The game did see discounts on all platforms as a promotion for the Fallout TV series.

The rest of the Fallout franchise also saw a boost in sales with Fallout 76 coming in at number eight, Fallout: New Vegas in ninth place, and Fallout 3 in 10th place. The Fallout Classic Collection is in 43rd place, Fallout 2 is in 57th place, and Fallout is in 70th place.

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