Since most Marvel Snap (Free) updates that adjust the stats or properties of the cards are a reaction to the current state of the meta, it’s rare to see any actual themes pop up in them. That’s especially the case for the over-the-air (OTA) updates, as they tend to be quick bandages by nature. Well, we have an interesting one this time, friends. It seems like the folks over at developer Second Dinner have decided to extend a hand to a whole team of heroes who have been languishing for too long. Let’s have a look at what’s new!

So yes, the Guardians of the Galaxy. You see them appear now and then, but not really that often. They have a theme with their abilities that make them more powerful if you can predict where your opponent is going to play and play them in the same location. The problem is that even if you think you know, it’s still a risk. The benefits just haven’t been worth that risk in most scenarios. And so, the buffin’ has arrived.

Let’s do this in one. Rocket Raccoon, 1-Cost 2-Power, +2 Power boost if the opponent plays a card at the same spot this turn, now 1-Cost 1-Power with a +4 boost. Star-Lord keeps his basic stats but his ability gains a point, now offering a +4 Power buff. Groot goes from 3-Cost 4-Power to 3-Cost 3-Power, but his ability gains a couple points and now also gives him a +4 buff. Drax follows suit, going from 4-Cost 6-Power to 4-Cost 5-Power but now giving a +4 Power buff instead of a +2. Finally, Gamora flips the script by gaining a point of Power in her basic stats, going from 5-Cost 7-Power to 5-Cost 8-Power, but losing a point in her buff, bringing it down to +4. Will this help the Guardians see more play? We’ll see.

Outside of that team, there are a few other odds and ends to look at here. The Thanos weakening continues, with the Mind Stone going from 1-Cost 1-Power to 2-Cost 1-Power. Interesting. Psylocke is also suffering as a result of this, with her recent buff being reverted. She’s back to 2-Cost 1-Power now, but her ability remains the same. Will this be enough to slow down the Mad Titan? Probably not, so I suspect we’ll see more tweaks as time goes on.

On the happier side of Cosmic Marvel, Captain Marvel and Adam Warlock both get some shiny little tweaks. Captain Marvel goes from 4-Cost 4-Power to 4-Cost 5-Power. It’s just a single point of Power, but with her ability it can make all the difference. Adam Warlock also gets an extra piece of pie, going from 5-Cost 4-Power to 5-Cost 5-Power. I still have no idea what Second Dinner was thinking with the previous change to this card, and I don’t know where he even fits anymore.

Discard has been mighty mighty of late, and the developers have taken notice. That’s not good new for our pal Apocalypse, who is going from 6-Cost 8-Power to 6-Cost 6-Power. His ability will remain intact for now, and I doubt this will see him shuffled out of any decks, but it will perhaps push Discard players more towards the Hela side of the line. Once again, we’ll have to see.

That’s it for the changes in this update. Personally, this one doesn’t mess too much with any of my usual decks. What do you think of these changes? Are you going to try out the Guardians now that they’re a little stronger, or are they still on the bench? Let us know down in the comments!

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