After its gorgeous Steam Next Fest demo last month, tiny little house builder Summerhouse has now arrived on Steam in full, launching just a couple of weeks ago on March 8th. I’ve been having a swell time with this over the last few days, particularly as I noodle about in the other big backdrops that weren’t available in its earlier demo.

But there’s been another Summerhouse development this week that has arguably delighted me even more. Solo developer Friedemann took to Xwitter on Monday to detail all the games that inspired him to make Summerhouse in the first place, and there are some really surprising, but fascinating call outs in there, including Stronghold Crusader and Sword & Sworcery. I love it when developers go in-depth about things they’ve seen in other games and tried to riff on in their own creations, so please, let’s make this a tradition for all new game releases, yeah?

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