FILE PHOTO: OpenAI’s annualised revenue has touched $3.4 billion as it has more than doubled within the past half year, a report stated.
| Photo Credit: Reuters

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OpenAI’s annual revenue more than doubled in half a year

OpenAI’s annualised revenue has touched $3.4 billion as it has more than doubled within the past half year, according to a report by The Information. During a discussion with employees, CEO Sam Altman reportedly mentioned the same as cited by a source. Last year, the company’s annual revenue was around $1.6 billion the report stated. 

OpenAI has also announced a deal with Apple that will integrate their AI chatbot ChatGPT into Apple devices. Altman’s company has also announced a partnership with Oracle where they will employ Oracle’s cloud infrastructure to extend their Microsoft Azure AI platform.  

X is hiding liked posts from other users

An update on social media platform X stated that the company will now be making likes private from other users. Users can still see the posts they have liked but others will not anymore. The ‘Likes’ tab will now be available only to users on their own profile page and not when they visit other accounts. 

This option to hide likes had been available in the past to Premium subscribers who were paying, which had been announced in September last year to protect user privacy and “keep spicy likes private by hiding your likes tab.” X owner Elon Musk shared a statistic on the platform that revealed that user likes had increased post the move.

Apple overtakes Microsoft as world’s most valuable company

Apple has taken the top spot again as the world’s most valuable company pushing Microsoft after their WWDC event where the hardware company pushed their AI strategy. Shares of the iPhone-maker rose to a record value pegging it at a market valuation of $3.29 trillion leaving Microsoft behind for the first time in five months. 

At WWDC, Apple CEO Tim Cook demonstrated how their voice assistant Siri would be able to interact with messages, emails, calendar as well as third-party apps. Apple has been lagging behind other Big Tech companies in terms of AI tech due to which it has underperformed this year in the share market. The company did announce a stock buyback after their quarterly results to recover some value. 

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