IGN Store is home to hundreds of amazing high-quality shirts you won’t find anywhere else. Each month, new shirts from your favorite franchises are added. To highlight the most popular items this month, we’ve compiled the top 10 shirts available at IGN Store for April 2024 below. Take a look and find your next shirt at IGN Store!

1. Fallout – New California Republic

The hottest shirt of April 2024 is this Fallout New California Republic shirt. The flag of the NCR is featured, with a mutated bear walking across the middle. If you’re still eager to pick up more Fallout merchandise after the Fallout Prime Video TV series, this is an amazing shirt that will surely be a talking point!

2. Fallout – Vaultboys – T-Shirt

Fallout - Vaultboys - T-Shirt

Another hot Fallout shirt is this Vaultboys T-Shirt at IGN Store. The Vaultboys from Vaults 31, 32, and 33 are all here, with a sweet “We’re all in this together” slogan displayed at the bottom. Each of these vaults was featured in the Fallout TV series, making this an item any fan will recognize!

3. LiberTEA – Shirt Club #5

LiberTEA - Shirt Club #5

Next, the LiberTEA is the fifth shirt in the Shirt Club line, which is exclusive to IGN Store. With a cup of Liber-Tea, Democracy can be restored throughout the galaxy. You will not be able to find this design anywhere else, so be sure to order the LiberTEA shirt before it is gone!

4. Fallout – Brotherhood of Steel

Fallout - Brotherhood of Steel - T-Shirt

The Brotherhood of Steel shirt is perfect for any Fallout fan looking to rep Power Armor on the go. The armored man is set holding the Brotherhood of Steel flag, which any Fallout fan is sure to be aware of.

5. X-Men ’97 – Team Portrait

X-Men '97 - Team Portrait - T-Shirt

This retro-styled shirt is a great pick if you love Marvel or X-Men. Wolverine, Cyclops, and all your favorite superhero mutants are here.

6. Batman – Bat Joker

Batman - Bat Joker - T-Shirt

If you’re a comic book fan, this Bat Joker shirt is perfect for you. The trademark villain has a menancing stare with his iconic makeup on this shirt.

7. Fallout – Vault Boy 33

Fallout - Vault Boy 33 - T-Shirt

Vault Boy fans, this one is for you. The Vault Boy 33 shirt is an excellent pick for anyone that loves the iconic Fallout mascot.

8. Fallout – Vault Tech 33

Fallout - Vault Tech 33 - T-Shirt

For something more casual, this Vault Tech 33 shirt is a great choice. The Vault 33 logo is displayed just under the Vault-Tec emblem, which is the same Vault used in the Fallout TV series.

9. Fallout – Rule of Thumb

Fallout - Rule Of Thumb - T-Shirt

This Rule of Thumb shirt combines the memorable Vault Boy character with the Vault-Tec emblem, which is trademark Fallout at its finest. Be sure to pick this shirt up before the Vault Dwellers purchase them all.

10. Star Wars – The Bad Batch Clone Forces

Star Wars - The Bad Batch Clone Forces - T-Shirt

Last but not least, this The Bad Batch shirt is perfect if you’re invested in the final season of the hit Star Wars TV show.

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