Joycity is inviting players to unleash their combat prowess within Gunship Battle: Total Warfare with the World War League 4.0 [WWL 4.0]. Running from March 8th to June 7th, the new Ultimate War lets you duke it out with other players for 13 weeks before going head-to-head with the would-be champion during the finale.

There will be a total of 100 servers joining in across three World Zones, with the best of the best Contender/Alliances divided into 12 Leagues.

The new Fortress Tower has also made its way into Gunship Battle: Total Warfare within the latest update. Not only can you put your defensive skills to the test by thwarting an attack from the seaboard, but you can also enter the Tower itself to repel assailants with your turret-cannons in thrilling tower defence-style gameplay.

Apart from the level cap for fighter Jets increasing from level 20 to 30, the latest update is also helping players gear up for the upcoming Spring-themed Collection, the special Check-In Event, and the GBTW-themed mini dice game. If all that sounds appealing to you, you can head on over to Gunship Battle: Total Warfare’s Google Play Store or App Store links to download the game. You can stay updated on all the latest developments as well by following the game on Facebook.


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