Vampire Survivors received yet another update this past week. The Space-54 update adds two new characters, four new weapons, a new relic, and a new bonus stage. It also introduces cross-save support between Steam and Android to the Steam public beta branch.

Vampire Survivors – v1.9 Space-54 – Free Update Out Now on Nintendo Switch, Steam, Xbox & Mobile

It seems that almost any new addition to Vampire Survivors is a potential spoiler to some, but I will dare to add the additional detail that the Space-54 update is dedicated to the game’s former engine, Phaser.

“Weirder than usual, I know, but Phaser was the original framework I used to make VS, is an absolute joy to use, and if I hadn’t loved working with it to begin with, I would have probably never made VS, so I thought it deserved a bit more than just a line in the credits,” says developer poncle in the thoroughly redacted patch notes.

For the cross-save functionality, Poncle has put together an FAQ that explains how to access it, how it works, and what its limitations are. Most notably, if you own DLC on one platform and not another, that content won’t be accessible via the transferred save.”We’ve been investigating cross-platform-dlc (so buy in one place, play anywhere) but it’s the biggest bureaucratic can of worms ever,” they say.

For seemingly no reason other than the fun of it, Poncle also this past week released a Vampire Survivors trailer parodying the original teaser trailer for Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation from back in 1997. You can watch that on YouTube.

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