I have a new favorite premium Xbox controller, and its name is the Victrix Pro BFG. While it’s true the PS5 version of the controller has been around for a good while now (and we loved it in our original Victrix Pro BFG review), a version of the gamepad supporting Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One consoles (as well as PC) is now available, too.

Fundamentally, the Xbox version of the Victrix Pro BFG is identical in all but brand-specific iconography. PlayStation shapes have been swapped with Xbox lettering, and the central home button takes the form of that familiar Xbox logo. The Xbox version of the controller keeps up all the winning combinations, but do be aware that the $179.99 / £179.99 / AU$269 price tag holds firm still. Outside of sales events, it’s a staunchly premium purchase, but it’s certainly one of the best Xbox controllers and well worth your hard-earned cash.

Design and features

(Image credit: Future)

While the Victrix Pro BFG bears a similar silhouette to that of the standard Xbox Wireless Controller, it certainly looks a lot busier thanks to its front-facing textured grips, larger central buttons and triggers, and those screwed-in modules. However, this isn’t to say the controller is in any way complex or difficult to use.

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