March 01, 2024 08:43 pm | Updated March 02, 2024 11:12 am IST – Thiruvananthapuram

Welsh Health Minister Eluned Morgan with Kerala Health Minister Veena George and Chief Secretary V.Venu in Thiruvananthapuram on March 1, 2024.

Nurses and doctors from Kerala will have the opportunity to move to Wales with their families. Up to 250 nurses and doctors will be able to make the trip to Wales, under a new agreement between the governments of Kerala and Wales.

As part of the Welsh government’s Year of Wales in India, Welsh Health Minister Eluned Morgan signed an agreement with NoRKA Roots CEO-in-charge Ajit Kolassery on behalf of the Government of Kerala to welcome qualified health-care professionals from India to work in NHS Wales. Health Minister Veena George and Chief Secretary V. Venu were among those present.

During the visit to Kerala, Ms. Morgan met with some of the nursing and medical professionals and their families, who will soon be taking up roles in Wales, at a reception to thank them and celebrate their contribution to NHS Wales.

She said, “Despite record number of nurses and other health-care professionals in NHS Wales, the demand for health-care workers globally has significantly increased.”

“International recruitment, alongside our investment and commitment to home grown health-care staff, is one of the ways we can fill the workforce gaps and rely less on agency staff,” Ms. Morgan said.

“Kerala has a long history of training health-care professionals and supporting them to come to Wales. I have seen first-hand the tremendous impact these dedicated nurses, doctors, and other health-care staff have had on our health-care services and it was an honour to meet some of Wales’ future workforce as they prepare to come to Wales,” she added.

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