Spring has sprung, reader dear, and may our spirits soar with it. I’ll not pretend it’s warm yet in Scotland (evidence: not seen a single lad going taps aff) but we’ve had a few nice days and you can feel hope, you can feel hope in the air, it’s coming. Winter has been too long. So, uh, enjoy hunkering down inside playing Dragon’s Dogma 2? Tell me, what are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on!

Alice Bee

I’ve got the PC version of that there Horizon Forbidden West to have a play of and enjoy the dinosaurs, so I imagine that’ll be my main game this weekend. I played some last night and didn’t realise I was in a massive open world flow state until like 1am, because I was just running around looking at foliage and not experiencing the passage of time.

Alpha Protocol returning to sale after years has me fancying another run through Obsidian’s espionage RPG. I last played it long enough ago that I can’t remember much of anything, which frankly is perfect for a game about thinking on your feet as a rookie spy way out of his depth. Hello video game, I am clueless once more.


Got myself a quiet weekend, so I’ll be sinking some more time into Dragon’s Dogma 2. Sure, performance is a bit iffy, but it’s a stellar time with a grand sense of adventure. I’ll also be watching Physical: 100 Season 2 on Netflix, as I particularly enjoy seeing jacked individuals participate in a battle royale where they like, hang off bars and wrestle each other.

has been in that there America.


I’ll be playing Horizon Forbidden West. Fun fact: literally every game I own for the PS5 is now available, likely in a more complete form, on PC. Anyone want to buy the nice console-shaped modern art sculpture I keep under my TV?


This weekend it’s all Dragon’s Dogma 2 for me. Now that the game is out, I can finally reveal how much I’ve enjoyed the feeling of guiding a small legion of pawns across the landscape, slaying minotaurs and causing all manner of mischief. There are just so many different systems at work in DD2, all colliding against each other with incredible gusto. There’s nothing like seeing one of those aforementioned minotaur bosses getting attacked by some other player’s pawns who are visiting your game, only for their combat to spread out and accidentally attract the attention of a lumbering cyclops who was just minding their own business. It all leads to the equivalent of a fantasy kaiju battle with two titans duking it out against each other and an army of small adventurers clambering underfoot and flying into the air as the ragdoll physics kick in with each monster stomp. Magical moments, they are.


Not to sound like a broken record, but it’s more Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth for me. I’ve arrived at Cosmo Canyon now, and holy moly moogles, the music is exquisite.


This weekend I’d like to play a little more Lightyear Frontier. It’s a cosy crafting game where you land on an alien world and have to clear it for habitation. There is no combat or seasons in which you have to rush to harvest crops before they wither. In essence, it’s a fairly chill game that gives major Sunday morning vibes.


I have discovered the delights of Helldivers 2. Very fun, very moreish, although I do wish there weren’t such strict time constraints on each mission, because I like to take my time exploring. I imagine I’m in the minority though. Regardless, we can surely all agree that those little jumping Hunter enemies are the absolute fucking worst.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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