WhatsApp launches new ‘Passkeys’ feature for iPhones.
| Photo Credit: REUTERS

WhatsApp is bringing its ‘Passkeys’ feature to iPhones. The tool will simplify the login process by eliminating the need for SMS-based one-time passwords (OTPs). WhatsApp announced the same via a post on X on Wednesday.

With Passkeys enabled, iPhone users can securely access their WhatsApp accounts using TouchID, FaceID, or their device passcode.

Compared to traditional OTP-based methods, WhatsApp touts Passkeys as a more secure login alternative. Users can set up Passkeys from the app’s Settings menu, by navigating to Account > Passkeys. Once configured, they can effortlessly use FaceID or TouchID to log into their WhatsApp accounts.

It’s important to note that WhatsApp has long supported biometric authentication for protecting chats. Passkeys take this a step further, allowing users to access their accounts seamlessly without external verification.

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The ‘Passkeys’ feature was initially introduced for Android smartphones and is now gradually rolling out to iOS users. The feature should be available to all users in the coming weeks.

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