Meta-owned WhatsApp is reportedly working on new features, including offline nearby file sharing and in-app dialler. While the former is available for testing in beta version of the instant messaging platform, the latter is reportedly available in the early version of the app but not currently being tested even in beta release.

WhatsApp: Offline file and media sharing

Android Authority has reported that WhatsApp is testing a new feature that allows users to share photos, videos, documents, and other files with nearby WhatsApp users, without necessitating an active internet connection. The feature is currently available to select beta testers and is expected to roll out publicly in the coming weeks.

The report stated that the feature will be optional, and the users will have to grant permissions to WhatsApp to enable discovery and search required for file sharing services. Once opted-in, users can send and receive files through a local network, similar to Google’s Quick Share and Apple’s AirDrop. The sharing process, just like messages, would be end-to-end encrypted and contact information of the users will not be disclosed to one another.

It should also be noted that the user can opt to revoke their permission to share files over the local network anytime they want.

WhatsApp: In-app dialler

WhatsApp would likely roll out an in-app call dialler that would allow users on the platform to initiate a WhatsApp call directly from the app even with unsaved contacts. According to Android Authority, it is likely that WhatsApp would add the ability to start chats with unsaved contacts. However, it is unclear how WhatsApp plans to incorporate these features into its smartphone app. Currently, WhatsApp users are required to save the contact information before being able to start a conversation or make an in-app call.

First Published: Apr 24 2024 | 5:14 PM IST

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