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Re Emma Beddington’s article (15 April), at 78, at last I found a way to vanquish my rage at a recent Feldenkrais class on Zoom. We were doing breathing exercises and our teacher suggested we go he-he-he on the outbreath. Then she asked us to use our voice and I began. After a few medium sounds I found myself getting louder and louder, sounding like a really wicked witch. my lungs and body emptying my nastiness. Go for it, Emma!
Jenny Moir
Chelmsford, Essex

• If the Michaela school is fervently secular, why are pupils required to sing a song regularly with the words “God” and “king” in the title and the first line (Michaela school will keep its prayer ban – but as a Muslim teacher I know it doesn’t have to be this way, 16 April)?
Michael Peel (a Quaker)

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