Google and Apple, the two behemoths, are in talks to sign an AI deal to use the Gemini AI feature for iPhones.

Apple iPhones are well-known for their incredible features and one-of-a-kind specifications; many people prefer iPhones, but Gemini AI may soon join the list of amazing specifications. The deal could be the biggest AI deal because the two titans may sign it in large numbers. As per the Bloomberg reports, Apple and Google are in active talks to utilise Gemini to power some of the generative AI features that will be available on iPhones this year. Aside from being a good opportunity to utilize the Gemini AI’s capabilities, the deal might change the iPhone’s dimensions of AI features.

Though it is important to note that this also suggests Apple may not be as far along in its AI efforts as previously believed, Apple and Google are currently negotiating a partnership that could bring generative AI features to Apple iPhones. In a crowded AI market, Google’s Gemini AI chatbot may benefit from the partnership. Although negotiations are still in progress, no formal agreement is anticipated to be revealed until at least June, when Apple usually hosts its Worldwide Developers Conference.

Additionally, Apple recently settled a class-action lawsuit alleging that CEO Tim Cook deceived investors by hiding the decline in demand for iPhones in China. Now, news of an AI deal between Apple and Google is circulating among tech experts, and many are waiting to see if the deal will be signed.

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