Google is reportedly rolling out a new feature for search using Lens that allows users to save visual search history.  According to a report by 9To5Google, Google Lens is getting the ability to automatically save images captured using the visual search feature.

Previously, the shutter button in Google Lens did not take a picture to be saved for future use, but used to send it to Google for analysis after which it became inaccessible to the user.  The only way to bypass this was to click a picture using the camera app and then search the captured image using Google Lens. However, the company will now allow users to access their visual search history, similar to voice searches.

How-to access your visual search history

The feature that allows you to access your Google Lens search history is optional and is disabled by default. To enable the feature Visit and sign in using your Google account. Go to the Data and Privacy section > Web and App activity. Click on the checkbox against “Include Visual Search History” to enable the feature.

To view your visual search request, scroll down on the My Activity page on the website. The page shows all search requests including those made using Google Lens. You can choose to see details of the request, delete your visual search history or download the captured image to your device.

According to the report, visual search history is rolling out to select users starting today and will be available publicly in the coming weeks. Users will be notified about the change when they open Google Lens on their device after roll out.

First Published: Mar 08 2024 | 4:27 PM IST

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