Next week sees the Game Developers Conference arrive in San Francisco along with our Edwin, who’ll be sniffing for scoops and—I hope, for his sake—big burritos. My years of GDC left me devestated by the full realisation of how bad Mexican food is in the UK and I’m still not over it. Even the ‘fancy’ tacos and burritos you find nowadays cannot stand up to whichever burrito joint was closest to the BART station, especially as those were $7 and you’ll pay £15 for a bad burrito here. Just. God. I miss them. I miss them so much. And the grackles. Anyway! What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on!

Alice Bee
is away!


I know how this sounds, right, but I do think I’m about done with Balatro. I’ve won on the highest difficulty level, I’ve unlocked everything except two so-so jokers I’m not fussed about, I’ve enjoyed dying horribly in Endless mode, and I’ve even hit ante 13 before that awful death, and I’m feeling very content with it all. Good game. Good game. I’m going to play one more hand and then surely I’ll be done.

is away!


I’m on my way to GDC this weekend, which means I have a whole plane journey in which to play one or both of Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries Of Honjo and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, though I may ultimately plump for option 3: fall asleep in front of a Godzilla film.


I gots an itch to play The Finals, having had a hacky good time in its Season 2 update. But then, Tribes 3: Rivals is out in early access as well. Man, if I knew how to play more than one genre I’d really be in trouble.


I’ll be diving into Dragon’s Dogma 2 this weekend as I prep for our guide coverage! That’ll probably take up all the game playing time I have, but if there’s an hour or two to spare I might balance out the fantasy questing with a more relaxed return to nature as I continue my side career in farm rehabilitation via Stardew Valley.


It’s back to my Final Fantasy VII Rebirth chocobo squad this weekend, because holy heck this game is bloody fantastic. I had such a good time playing it during my week off last week, but I also still have loads more to go. I also hope to squeeze in some Darktide so I can join in with this month’s Game Club, too.

is away!


Most of my free time recently is being spent on a personal coding project to get me back into using C# after a while away. But when I feel the itch for some gametime, I’ll probably turn to Elden Ring. I’ve just beaten Radahn in my latest playthrough, and taken out that bastard Putrid Tree Spirit in those catacombs hidden in the corner of Radahn’s arena. I’m clearly underleveled for Caelid despite my progress, so I plan on doing some serious farming before moving north into Dragonbarrow – one of my least favourite places in the game.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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